Sale Dates

Canberra Finch Club Bird Sale

Both buyers and sellers of Parrots, Finches, Budgies, Cockatiels, Canaries, Doves & Quail are welcome. No poultry

When: 20th September 2020

Where: St Judes Primary school

Mulley street, Holder ACT


Sale commences at 10am till 12noon*
*unless all birds sold earlier


Entry to public by $2 entry fee



Local Accommodation

For out of town buyers, sellers, and traders we recommend the use of or similar web sites to find accommodation that suites your needs.

The closest to the sale venue is the Quality Hotel Wodenand the Statesman Hotel.  Any choice in Canberra should not be limited by proximity, as it is a simple exercise to get from point A to point B with a minimum of fuss.  You just have to know how to navigate the roundabouts.  Having a GPS can help.

Price, location, and hotel features are at your choosing in Canberra.  If you are visiting make a weekend of the trip and see the sights.


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Buyer & Seller Information

Important Notice for Sellers

Sale Conditions

  • The pre-selling of birds is not permitted.

  • Birds may be benched from 8:00 am.

    • All Birds are to be benched by 9:50am.

    • After benching their birds sellers will be required to vacate the hall
      and will be allowed to return 5 minutes before the sale commences.

    • Sellers are responsible for their own birds at all times.

    • The provision of licence details to purchasers is the responsibility of
      the seller in selling those birds that require licences.

    • All birds are to be in clean cages with fresh food, water, and a perch.

    • No more than 2 birds per standard show-cage for that particular species.

    • Sale terms and conditions are adopted from the NSW Bird Sale Voluntary Code Of Practice.
      In general, unless approved by the Bird Steward, there are to be no more
      than two birds per cage.  The Bird Steward will consider size of cage in relation to number of bird benched within a cage in making a judgement of suitability. The Bird Steward's ruling is final and is not open to negotiation.

    • No poultry allowed.

    • Those exhibitors who refuse to comply with the above sale conditions will be either refused entry or asked to leave the hall.

     Payment of the lotting fee is acceptance of all sale conditions


      Lotting fees apply: $1/bird, $0.50 for Zebras, Bengalese, & King Quail.

      Lotting Fee finishes at $20 maximum.

      The Canberra Finch Club accepts no responsibility for any transaction of birds between sellers/buyers or for the loss/retrieval of birds that escape during the sale.

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      Sale Events


      A sausage sizzle and drinks are available for purchase, and a raffle with some great prizes will be drawn on the day.

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