Finch Specific Clubs – near Canberra

Finch Society of Australia

Finch Society of Australia– YouTube Channel

Hunter Valley Finch Club

Hawkesbury Finch Club

Woolongong Finch Club– See FSA Website

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Other Bird Clubs – Australasia

Canary and Caged Bird Federation of Australia– Great place to follow up on current issues facing all aviculturists across Australia. Also a good spot to get contact info of all 250 CCBFA affiliated clubs across Australia

Avicultural Society of Australia Inc

Avicultural Society of Canberra– See Canberra Bird Club on Facebook

Canberra Budgerigar Society– See Budgerigar Society of NSW

Avicultural Society of New South Wales

Queensland Finch Society

South East Queensland Zebra Finch Society Inc

Victoria Avicultural Council

Victorian Zebra Finch Club Inc

Avicultural Society of South Australia– See Facebook page

United Bird Societies of South Australia Inc

Avicultural Society of Tasmania

North West Bird Club of Tasmania

New Zealand Finch Breeders

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Other Bird Organisations – Australasia

Parrot Society of Australia

Clifton Finch Aviaries – Lots of finch info (Australian)

My Gouldian Aviary – Devoted to Gouldians (Australian)

Aussie Finch Forum – Forum for Finch Lovers

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General Bird Information

eBird (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) – Explore birds and hotspots near you and wherever you go, all based on the latest sightings from around the Australia and the World

Atlas of Living Australia – Great resource for finding out what species live around you

Australian Museum (Birds)

Birdlife Australia

Nature Australia - Save the Gouldian

US Fish & Wildlife Service Bird Identification Tool

Beginner's guide to bird-watching (American resource but very useful).

Collection of Ornithology Resources

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Other Bird and Useful Information

ACT Department of Environment

Bird Keepers License Information - ACT

Australian Pet Link

Animal Classifieds and Sales

Birds For Sale Online

Australia Wide Classifieds

BirdKeeper Magazine

For the best on birds (Australian)

Australia wide bird sales

Clubs Australian

Listing of all types of clubs around Australia. For bird clubs better to use the CCBFA Web link above

Canberra Indian Myna Action Group

Do your bit to eradicate these feral avian pests

Service NSW

Bird Keepers License Info - NSW

Plant Health Australia

Asian Honey Bee - A Guide to Identification

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Bird Products

Powell's Stockfeeds

Beaks and Wiskers - Seller of Bird Seed

Canberra's Walk in Aviary

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Our Club Supporters

We have no Formal Sponsors at present though we do greatly acknowledge the contiibutions provided by the following great organisations for providing meeting rooms and for the use of their hall for our two bird sales each year

Weston Raiders Club

St Jude's Primary School – Holder

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